TULIPIA brand was founded in 2004. We specialize in the design of wedding, evening and cocktail dresses. We strive for perfection each time while creating a new collection of wedding and evening dresses, making it with all of our love.

“Proof of Love” – just as TULIPIA is translated from latin. Hence gone and the name of one of the most delicate and romantic flowers – tulip, the symbol of perfect love. It is no coincidence that the image of this flower became the idea for our TULIPIA Logo. The fate of the tulip is short-lived, perhaps as the short fate, of a wedding dress for example. But it is a beautiful destiny. And we always strive to make every inch of this dress in excellent quality.

We select the best fabrics from around the world for our models, purchasing them from factories located in France, Spain, Italy, Turkey … When decorating dresses we prefer to use the Swarovski crystals and pearls. Their brilliance gives the dress a special shine, without detracting from the overall appearance. Wedding or any other celebration can be full of forces and stresses, so we make sure that our clothes should not only be luxurious and beautiful, but also convenient and comfortable. For example, for the lining we only use natural cotton fabrics from Italy, which allows the body to “breathe” in all weather conditions. So you can enjoy every minute of your celebration.

Every year TULIPIA has a tradition to take the most unusual and interesting photos of our new collections. Usually we choose the most unique places from the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for our locations. For example, the miracle of Pamukkale and the ancient city of Hierapolis, romantic Venice, the valleys and the underground cities of Cappadocia …

We’re full of new ideas and interesting plans, and we are always happy to share the results with other people. We are always open to cooperation and partnership. We wish to develop, create, produce more beautiful things together, watching as they help to change and make women more beautiful, and most importantly, happier!

Our dresses – compliment for your beauty!