Tulipia Angora 2018

You need more warm and tenderness during cold period. You want love and touch, from which your soul flies up to heaven, where the clouds are so close! With Tulipia team we created a special collection of white dresses made of natural angora wool. The fabric of the material obtained is particularly soft and pleasant to the touch, besides it perfectly warms and long wear.

In one of these fabulous dresses, each girl or woman feel even more desirable. This collection has dresses both short and long, with open arms and warm collars … … Angora knitted fabric is combined with French Chantilly and knits. Finishing – the insertion of lace, guipure, natural mink fur, ostrich feathers, the original buttons. All these details just emphasize the natural beauty and ergonomic cut.

Dresses made of Angora wool by Tulipia look great as the wedding dress for the bride, as New Year’s toilet or an evening dress for special events. These dresses – out of time, their design could be relevant, and many years ago, and some period later. But we suggest to enjoy them right now, do not delay until next winter. Special accessories by Tulipia as cashmere headphones, hats and scarves will complement your image.

Let the impossible come true! Let’s dream, wrapping in clouds with a cup of hot chocolate.